Beautiful summer weather set the stage for our second open air of the year.

In his first ever ambient live set TomKern started the day with a calm, slightly groovy vibe for everyone to settle in. (TomKerns Soundcloud)

Andi then took over with a beautifully chilled slow house mix for everyone to nod their head with the rhythm and get into the party mood while hanging out on blankets and in hammocks.

Petrosilius then picked up the energy a bit and the head nodding quickly turned to foot tapping and outright dancing (gasp) 😉

As the first highlight of the evening Misterlighthouse (Soundcloud), special envoy from Amsterdams infamous Black Rabbit Collective, rocked the turntables with his chosen vinyl selection, getting everyone grooving to funky disco tunes and house tracks.

The police showing up, because of a "noise" complaint from the local open air cinema, was thus only a minor distraction soon to be forgotten.

Andi's following deep house set kept the ravers busy and made the time fly by into the sun set while the party started to seriously fill up.

TomKern then played a scenic, yet energetic dub-techno live set that made dancers just as happy as dreamers. (Check out a short snippet of it on our youtube channel)

The next highlight of the night then came in the form of a driving house set by CLÆP VISIONS ambassador Ion Vulcan 

Then at the peak of the night, shortly before daybreak Petrosilius hit on all cylinders and played one of his house sets for fun loving people.

Unfortunately at this point the police decided that this was enough fun for the citizenry and dissolved the party.

We certainly could have kept the party going, but we take what we can get. And to be honest this night had been plenty good to all of us! Thanks to all the great artists and all of you fun ravers :-)

To be (soon) continued....