Hello friends and supporters of Oscillating.Space and our free open air parties.


This Saturday (09.09.2017) we will take the fight for our right to party and to share our joy and art without a monetary motif to the streets. We will do that by joining the Street Rave of the “Wem gehört die Stadt” music demonstration with our own (shared) truck.



We from the Frei(t)räume collection of free-open air crews will be organizing our own truck under the motto (and hashtag): #MakeBerlinGeilAgain, in order to remind the wider public that the worldwide success of Berlin as the international cultural hub it is today, was only made possible by the former laissez faire approach to music culture and its use of urban public spaces in the 90s and early 2000s. 


So please join us specifically under the Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1919918604995056/  or share the event widely using the #MakeBerlinGeilAgain hashtag.


Apart from the fact that this shall be an awesome party at which you all can dance with us, our friends and of course great electronic music in the streets of Berlin - what could be more exciting, eh?! - this will also be a means to make ourselves heard and seen to the wider Berlin public and its politicians. The timing for this is good, as the current Berliner Senat has committed to better support of our culture in its coalition agreement. But we need to be make some waves now, or they might forget about their promises, like they often do.


So please join us in support on Saturday 15:00H at U-Bahn Eberswalder Strasse and help us to fight for all of our right to party :)


Your Oscillating.Space crew


PS: To everyone who wants to help us to get this rave of the ground: we would be grateful for any support you may want to provide. 

But specifically we are still looking for people who can help us with providing safety to the demonstration by walking alongside and in front of the truck together with your fellow protesters holding a rope to keep dancers from falling under the truck and hurting themselves. 

We need at least 5 people at any one time to do this, and since we of course want to spread out the work load and thus only want to ask each person to do it for one hour at a time, we could really use a lot of you to volunteer for one shift in order to support us. So please contact us as soon as possible either in our Facebook event (www.facebook.com/events/1919918604995056/ ), or by sending us an e-mail (FreeOpenAir@oscillating.space). Thank you all a lot  :) 



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